Photo Journalism

Thanksgiving  Story

The Arcellana house in Frisco, Texas. Thanksgiving 2018. (Isabel Arcellana 2018)

I had to work the morning of Thanksgiving so I didn’t get home until all the cooking was finished. My family and I always host families we’re close to that don’t have extended family to celebrate with in the area, so the people at the table were a jumble of different family friends.

Here we have my dad carrying the turkey over to the dining room.


Here we have my dad displaying his hostess skills by telling everyone where they can sit.


And here we have an artistic picture of the food, even though I know you didn’t want a food picture without people, Professor Hart. It was just a good picture.


The next picture is of my little sister, Katrina Arcellana, and her best friend Elaine Delapena.


I also got on a chair to get this blurry shot. I wobbled a bit.


And here we have Carrie Delapena and Andrew Delapena waiting for my dad to serve them turkey. My mom, Marie Arcellana, is in the back snapping a photo.


Andrew Delapena, Marie Arcellana, and Ben Arcellana.

IMG_2606 2

Andrew is still waiting for his turkey. Poor kid. Maybe because he wore a Seahawks jersey to watch a Cowboys and Redskins game.


After the food, we played a card game for about 3 hours. There was a lot at stake in this game. It’s been going on for 3 years, and the winner gets to name the loser’s next pet.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

There was also talking. And babies. Below shows Marie Arcellana and Addy Garcia talking, her kids Emmanuel Garcia and Daniel Garcia, Ben Arcellana and Robert King.



Environmental Portrait

Alex Delapena during band practice Saturday morning in Tulsa, Oklahoma. (Isabel Arcellana/SMU)

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


Random Assignment


My dad is a strange man. He’s one of my favorite people. He’s not like most dads. He dances crazy in our kitchen and usually likes to dress like a teenage boy and has a thing for gummy bears.

These photos were taken when my family took a camera and a tripod out to take photos for our Christmas card. Super early, I know, but my mom wants them all printed and shipped to the Philippines soon because it takes so crazy long to get them there. So we dressed in coordinating colors, but pretty much none of our photos were serious. It was great.


Rain Photo

The view outside the car of Isabel Arcellana, Friday, Oct 19, in Plano, Texas. (Isabel Arcellana/SMU)

Sports Action Photo

John Mohri skateboards at Hamilton Park in Dallas, Friday, October 26 (Isabel Arcellana/SMU)
John Mohri skateboards at Hamilton Park in Dallas, Friday, October 26 (Isabel Arcellana/SMU)
John Mohri skateboards at Hamilton Park in Dallas, Friday, October 26 (Isabel Arcellana/SMU)

My friend wanted some photos of himself for his Instagram, and I needed a sports action photo. So we went to a park down my street and played around with the fence at this baseball field. At one point he was on top of it, and we got some really cool shots. But here are the pictures I took with some movement.


Fall Break

Here’s what I did during fall break:

Isabel’s roommates, Kylie Anderson, Rose Balogun, and Rachel Scott, holding boba tea Tuesday night in Dallas. (Isabel Arcellana/SMU)


Snacks and a computer with Grey’s Anatomy. The feet of Kylie Anderson in Dallas, Texas on Sunday night. (Isabel Arcellana/SMU)
Isabel’s dog, Pogi, at her parents’ home in Frisco, Monday afternoon. (Isabel Arcellana/SMU)



Environmental Portrait

Shutter Speed:1/15

Aperture: F4.5

ISO: 800


First of all, I need to get better at making sure my pictures are clear. I should’ve adjusted my ISO so I could make my shutter speed faster.


This is Margaret. She hosts a brunch at her house every other week. It’s what she’s known for in our church.

This is William. He’s a regular at the brunch. He comes for the coffee. Not really.


Rule of Thirds

Shutter Speed: 1/15

Aperture: F4.0


A ukelele in Isabel Arcellana’s music room in her apartment in Dallas, Texas. Sunday, 10:30pm, Sept. 23. (Isabel Arcellana/SMU)

I positioned my roommate’s ukulele in the plainest background I could find, the side of our couch in the music room. Yes, we have a music room. It’s technically a sunroom, but I put all my instruments in it.

I figured out how to focus the camera on the right spot, not on the center of the frame. I also experimented with aperture until I was able to get a pretty clear image.