Bruno Mars | Music Branding

Videos of Bruno Mars dressing like Elvis when we was about two feet tall can be found on the internet. His star power was there from the minute he was born, and that was clear from even the way he dressed. From the Elvis impersonations, to the boyband he was in during the early 2000’s, to his huge, 2-time-Superbowl-performing musical career, Mars is an icon to listen to and look at.

Mars has embarked on his 24K Magic World Tour. This time, more retro and funky than ever. At the beginning of his career, his fashion didn’t make you look twice. He wore plaid shirts, jeans, cardigans, nothing too crazy. But Mars has now established a unique and bold style.

Mars performed at the American Airlines center this past weekend and wore a baseball-style shirt with the word “Hooligan” on the front. Mars is channeling 80’s and 90’s sports vibes with both his and his bandmates’ clothes on this tour. Mars is a fan of athletic, yet loose clothing with many bright and retro colors, a perfect memorable banding choice to go along with his tour.

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