Ariana Grande | Music Branding

Someone bombed her concert in 2017 and killed 22 people. Her ex-boyfriend died of a drug overdose and many of his fans blamed her. This year, she got caught up in one of the most talked-about romances of the year but it ended abruptly when her engagement to SNL’s Pete Davidson was called off.

Ariana Grande has gone through hell and back these past couple years, but all anyone can say about her is that she’s back stronger than ever. Through every marketing and branding move, she has been clear about a message of resilience, still touring and coming out with new music amidst all the storms of her life. This has spoken volumes to the world today. In a world where fear and violence is so present, the fact that Grande doesn’t back down is powerful.

Grande’s branding recently has been all about the timing. From releasing “thank u, next” 30 minutes before an SNL episode to last year’s benefit concert to spread love and support to the victims of Manchester and the world, to her heartfelt posts for her late ex, Grande has mastered the art of revealing her heart before her fans at just the right time.


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