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Taylor Swift is a branding mastermind. Say what you want about her vocals, her love life, or even her music, but the woman is an absolute marketing genius.

For years, Swift was the country girl in a princess dress with a guitar, singing about her exes in the least subtle way possible. Then she released Red in 2012, which allowed Swift to climb out of the country world and expand her horizons. She then surprised the world with a full-on pop album in 2014 called 1989, and the country world has lost its grip on her ever since.

But probably Swift’s most dramatic persona/career change came late 2017, with the release of Reputation. As she explicitly states in the first single off this new album, the old Taylor Swift is “dead.” Meet the “new Taylor.” She comes with snakes, fire, rapping, sexy dancing, black bodysuits, and songs that now feature cursing and provocative lyrics.

Swift has made some risky moves over the span of her career, always keeping fans on their toes but as entranced with her as ever. And despite the “haters,” Swift has earned a place of respect, having broken Whitney Houston’s record for the most AMA’s ever won by a female artist, the same night Swift wowed the crowd with an epic performance of “I Did Something Bad.”

When it comes to branding herself, Swift does many things right. She is a master at generating experiences her fans go nuts about. At every stadium performance on her world tour, she invites special guests, singing top hits with what seems like anyone and everyone from the Rolling Stones to Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, and so much more. Swift is an expert at creating suspense, having wiped her social media accounts and websites before announcing her newest album, and then inviting fans all over the world to preview her music in her home with her. Swift is also very personal and active on her social media, a smart move in knowing her audience, participating in Tumblr inside jokes and fun back-and-forth conversations on Twitter with fans all over the world.

There could be books written about Taylor Swift’s branding. Over the years, she has navigated across different genres and personas so gracefully, collecting a bigger and bigger fanbase everywhere she goes. She has used every controversy and scandal in her career to her advantage. It’s safe to say, Swift is a genius when it comes to building a reputation.


Also, here’s an older version of my project on Taylor Swift’s concert fashion choices specifically:

Taylor Swift

It’s been a week since Taylor Swift, the biggest pop star in the world, wowed thousands in Arlington at the AT&T Stadium. Her two nights in Dallas are still the talk of the town, and she created even more buzz with her recent performance of “I Did Something Bad” at the American Music Awards where she broke Whitney Houston’s record for the most AMA’s won by a woman in history.

Swift has traded out her 1989 album-era vintage vibes and pastels for black bodysuits and snake motifs. At the AMA’s she wore one of her new signature black leotards and knee-high leather boots. She’s the queen of rebranding herself. This year, she’s embraced the darker side of her reputation and it really shows in her new tour outfits.

In this year’s award-winning stadium tour, Swift dons a variety of looks, all sticking to the theme of her new Reputation era. Everything she wears sparkles as all eyes watch her dance before thousands. Most of her outfits are black with cutouts at the neck here and there as well as details of gold. She often wears a leotard silhouette or a body suit which reflects the increase in the intense choreography in her shows.

Some stand-out looks include a black and gold sculpted dress with a cape for piano ballads and a military-style jacket with a snake design. As with her songs, Swift masterfully uses her fashion choices to tell stories. She wears a multi-layered outfit during “Dress” to symbolically take off during the song. She also dazzled with a rainbow-colored, sparkly, tasseled dress, perfect for “Shake it Off.”

The master of branding, Swift never fails to entertain us with the whole package- the music, the quirky personality, the cool girl squad, and the clothes to match.

Taylor Swift is a force to be reckoned with, and she comes in sequins.

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