The Dallas Observer Editor



Paige Skinner, an editor at the Dallas Observer, sits at her desk on Friday afternoon September 3, answering emails.

I interviewed Paige Skinner for an article. I’ve written for Paige but have only ever seen her once in person. It was so interesting to see where she works and to step inside the office of the Dallas Observer to see where all the magic happens. As it turns out, Paige’s office was small with blank walls and books scattered everywhere.

After our interview I asked if I could take her picture, though it took me an unusual amount of time to try to get clarity because it was rather dark and overcast at the time. This was at 1:00 in the afternoon so it was bright out, but barely any light was hitting her window. This was the clearest picture I got, though I know it’s still very blurry. It took me such an embarrassingly long time to try to adjust my expose in the end that I put her out of her misery and stopped taking her picture. I genuinely thought I took a pretty clear photo, but I guess I should have zoomed in more to check. I’m determined to get better next time!

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